For this new artistic collaboration with Peggy Frey, the Longchamp Family meets with a young artist from Le Mans, Valentin Guillon, who masters shapes and their infinite variations to absolute perfection. A collaboration between Longchamp and an artist who has mastered the art of curves and colours seemed inevitable.


He has a calm and collected nature, she has a sunny disposition and runs after the red carpet to showcase the talent of the artists behind the scenes. When Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director of the Maison, suggested that Peggy Frey visit Valentin Guillon's collective studio in Bobigny, it was because the journey was well worth the effort.


Aged just 30, this artist enhances the geometry of shapes and curves using raw materials, wood being his favourite canvas. From this material and in his studio, he draws and paints to give life to inspiring creations whose curves and colours unite in a natural and dynamic interplay of movement. With its refined, contemporary style, this artistic universe is linked to the concept of planning and space that is central to each work of art. As for Peggy Frey, who could teach Valentin Guillon a thing or two about Euclidean geometry and who has tried her hand at the sight-size method, seemed to be carving her wood at a snail’s pace (see video). Meanwhile, the Parisian artist certainly does have a sight for size.

While he may be a genius in his field, Valentin Guillon owes his art to sports. He enjoyed practising speed skating very much. From the long straight lines to the curves that form the bends, the artist's inspiration didn't come from nowhere. In fact, all sports fuel his creativity and the thousands of shapes he can imagine dancing: from goals to motorsport racing circuits and boxing rings, sports and their equipment play a major role in the artist's thinking.

“My artistic work revolves around sport, and I'm interested in its aesthetics, graphic codes and vocabulary, and exploring the boundaries between what is abstract and what is figurative.”

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Ensad) from which he graduated with honours, Valentin Guillon, who showcases his work at the Florence Loewy gallery in Paris, has become very popular. As well as putting on an increasing number of exhibitions, he is showcasing his talent across other, larger canvases, such as murals that adorn buildings and sports complexes. Festivals and local authorities are always happy to commission the artist so that the bright, pastel colours of his curves and shapes can enliven the very soul of the places. Like an artistic signature that can be distinguished from a thousand others, his success is unquestionable.


The equestrian brand has always been fascinated by the creations produced by artists and craftsmen. This time, Longchamp's creative curiosity reached the doors of Valentin Guillon's studio, where works have been commissioned to decorate the Maison's boutiques. Sophie Delafontaine, who discovered the artistic treasures, says that the artist's work is extremely precise and meticulous and that he is a man of many talents

"Valentin Guillon also boasts the qualities of a skilled craftsman. Like a carpenter, he shapes, sands and cuts the wood, before putting on his other hat, that of the creative artist who draws and paints."

Each of his creations has something unique and energetic about it. They are truly dynamic works of art.

Valentin Guillon's colour palette seems to be constantly changing, while the combination of colours seems to be influenced by Californian and Mediterranean nuances. The artist's work resonates harmoniously with Longchamp's values and history. First, there are the curves, reminiscent of the racecourse from which the brand originated, and with which Valentin Guillon explores their characteristics and variations. There's also this notion of fluidity and movement that is in keeping with the brand's DNA, like a strong, positive energy that flows without ever intending to stop.

The freedom of movement. Finally, there's authenticity, a key value for Longchamp and its craftsmanship, which is reflected in each of the creations produced by this young artist with his genuine smile and reserved demeanour, and who has already forged a path to success.

“Valentin has the talent to create powerful emotions out of

nothing. We never tire of admiring his creations.”

Sophie Delafontaine