The infallible companion for everyday life, it accessorises the silhouette with a touch of energy. Day or night, a leather bag is suited to every occasion and elegantly simplifies your travels. Functional and audacious, Longchamp leather bags are well-designed and beautiful objects that authentically reflect the Maison's precious leather expertise. A precious, sturdy and dynamic material, leather is not immune to life's adversities. So your bag can be passed down through the generations, follow our care and cleaning advice and preserve it for as long as possible.  


As time goes by, bumps, frequent walks and the vagaries of the weather put your handbag's leather to the test. If it’s looked after with care, your bag will become more beautiful over the years. Just as wine gets better with age, time is leather’s ally.  


Just like a vitamin shot to give you a boost every day, your bag also needs a boost of energy to care for its material. We recommend that you clean and condition a leather bag two to three times a year, depending on how much you use it. 

1. Dust and clean with care  
Whether your bag is made of cowhide or calf leather, is grained or smooth, use a soft, clean cloth to dust both the outside and inside. Using clean, warm water, gently rub the damp cloth over the entire surface of the bag, being extra careful when cleaning the metal buckles that adorn the bag. Finally, gently wipe the bag with a dry cloth and leave it to dry for 24-48 hours with the handles facing down.

2. Nourish the bag to hydrate it  
Once the leather has been cleaned, apply a little bit of colourless and nourishing cream to a cloth and rub this into your bag using circular motions. Use a microfine cloth or chamois to gently rub down your bag and restore its original shine.
3. Everyday protection 
Your leather bag can be protected for the duration of its life if you take the right precautions. We recommend that you store it in its original sleeve when not in use. To preserve its original shape, curves and structure, you should not overfill it and fill the interior with tissue paper after each use. Finally, keep it away from prolonged exposure to light, heat and humidity, which could damage its hardware. Remember to put your small personal belongings in a leather or canvas pouch to optimise the space in your bag and to protect the inner lining from possible stains caused by pens, oils, perfumes, creams or lipsticks. Finally, we recommend that you make your leather bag (excluding smooth leather bags) waterproof to protect it from the weather. 


A true everyday companion, the recycled nylon canvas bag, such as the models from the Le Pliage collections, endures intense adventures without ever faltering in its role as an elegant and functional bag. Follow these three simple steps to ensure that it stays by your side for as long as possible: 

1. Take a soft, clean cloth and dampen it with clear, warm soapy water and gently dab the fabric. Home remedies such as mink oil, leather lotions, household cleaners or chemicals should not be used. 

2. Rinse and air dry with the handles facing down

3. Carry out this cleaning routine a few times a year to prevent stains from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric

Longchamp is mindful of the need to preserve its creations over time in order to protect the planet's resources and to enhance the value of its craftsmen's leatherwork. These durability and sustainability standards have been part of the Maison's DNA for over 75 years. 

If your bag is damaged, our repair service is available to answer all your questions. Welcome to a sustainable world.